Mint Settlements Now Providing The Inndox Property Logbook

From August 2022 Mint Settlements clients will be receiving the Award-winning inndox property logbook. inndox is fast becoming the standard for managing your home

Like a logbook for the car with the manual and service history – a property logbook is a cloud-based app to manage all your property-related files, contacts, maintenance, and warranties.

Mint Settlements will be sponsoring the logbook for its clients who are Buying a property and using Mint Settlements as their settlement agent.

The logbooks will include:

All conveyancing documentation – to ensure these important files are accessible and secure. It should also be noted. Settlement Agents are only required to keep any records pertaining to your settlement for a period of 7 years.

Maintenance reminders – tips to help you maintain your property. Annual termite inspection and replacement of Smoke Alarms. The app sends a reminder.

Some of the other great features of the logbook include:

Upload files – upload their own property-related files like house plans, and photos making it easier to find them and provide evidence for insurance claims. If you have any building plans, certificates, approvals, rental property info or other info relating to the home then upload it for safekeeping.

Add contacts – add your own contacts like tradies and home services

Sharing – enables sharing of files with your Property Manager, Accountant, and others

Transfer – transfer the logbook to the next owner when you eventually sell the property

Warranties and Maintenance – Reminders can be added for maintenance items and warranty expiry alerts and synchronized to your Google or iPhone Calendars. NB Client-added information can only be seen by the client.

The logbook is normally $19 per month but Mint Settlements will be providing a complimentary sponsorship of the inndox logbook for all clients Buying a property.