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A Certificate of Title proves ownership of a property. If you are buying a property rest assured Mint will always check the title to ensure you are dealing with the appropriate lot of land, and dealing with the appropriate registered property owner.

This is something we do automatically for every client, every time. If there is any information you need when you receive written documentation from us, you can call our 24 hour client information line 1300 664 855 for assistance.

Mint will match the Certificate of Title with the sellers as stated on your Offer and Acceptance, and if the information is not identical, we will advise you accordingly and act on your instructions.

If you have any queries about the settlement process or the paperwork we post to you, then take advantage of our 24 hour client information line whenever you need our assistance.

Telephone 1300 664 855 after hours, 9481 4855 during office hours or email anytime.