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Property Investors Settlement Securing Their Financial Future

A property investor chooses properties for their investment potential - not to live in the property themselves but for wealth building and tax gearing purposes. Some investors create their living by continually buying properties and living off the rental earnings while others build their financial future by using this financial wealth as their superannuation policy.

An investor anticipates that a large portion of the monthly mortgage is recouped from rent received from tenants and Mint works side-by-side with hundreds of property investors successfully transacting as many as 1500 properties a year.

If you are building a rental portfolio to secure your financial future, it is beneficial to develop a relationship with a settlement agent who understands your goals. When you are loaning 100% of the property costs to glean the full tax advantage, everything hinges on settling on time so you can tenant your property quickly, avoid penalty interest and start generating rental income.

You can rely on Mint to work hard to keep the pressure on all parties to ensure this settlement process occurs smoothly and on time. We will project manage dozens of tasks on your behalf and keep you informed every step of the way. If there is any assistance you need when you receive written information from us, you can call our 24 hour client information line 1300 664 855 for an explanation.

Conditions of settlement are unique to each property but generally we will start by searching land titles to check if restrictions exist and if so to arrange to lift them, apportion monies with authorities such as water, land and shire as well as liaising with your bank and the other party's representative.

We notify change of ownership to all rating authorities, collect your stamp duty cheque from you and arrange for that to be pre-paid on your behalf. All these tasks must be acquitted quickly so that we can personally attend your settlement to supervise the handover of cheques and legal documentation on settlement day.

We will keep you informed every step of the way, you only need to wait for a telephone call from your conveyancer to let you know that you have successfully added another property to your investment portfolio.

Contact Managing Director Debbie Rayner when next you are adding to your portfolio. Telephone 0411 721 851 anytime to talk to Debbie, 9481 4855 during working hours or email